Sylvan Terrace is for sale. This House for Sale on Washington Heights was an amazing property originally constructed as a carriage house for Morris-Jumel Mansion. Morris-Jumel Mansion was the headquarters for Gen. George Washington during the 1776 Battle of Harlem Heights. It was in 1790, President Washington returned to this Mansion along with his cabinet. 11 Sylvan Terrace is 3 level townhouse offering eye catching views of the surroundings through the windows attached in every room. This beautiful house of 1,500 sqft area was built in 1899 in a total lot size of 0.02 acres. This house has a bath on each floor and has huge living room/den combination. It has 2-3 bedrooms and a well equipped kitchen with all newly installed appliances. A small garden, stained glass skylight and terrace on parlor floor make the house inviting. This house is very attractive and ideally located between Edgecombe and St.Nicholas. It is located at a spot which is close to all necessary amenities and institutions including City College of New York, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and restaurants. There are many facilities for shopping and different jazz clubs in the surroundings.



  • Price: $950,000
  • Listing Type: Townhouse
  • Type: Single Family
  • ZIP code 10032
  • Year built 1899
  • Space 1,500 sqft
  • Lot Size 0.02 acres

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